Unrequested Campaign Advice of the Day

Mary Katharine Ham dispenses advice that just might have the Kerry '04 Campaign: "When you're knocking on doors at election time, burning dog poo has never been known to get out the vote."

Sage advice. Ham's col, posted at conservative portal site Townhall, contends that right-wingers are kinder to politcally hybrid (read: libertarianish) bloggers than are left-wingers.

I can't help but think that, as blogs continue to become a bigger part of electoral politics and the parties inevitably become more practiced at working with them, this difference in approach doesn't bode well for Democrats. As much as the Left blogosphere likes to accuse the whole center-right of existing only to parrot the command-and-control messages of Chimpy McBushitler, it is the Left blogosphere that has seemed so intent on alienating itself and the Democratic Party from political hybrids and moderate Democrats of late, and doing so in dramatic, nasty fashion.

The Left Blogs Close the Door on the Big Tent

Hat Tip: Unqualified Offerings


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