Unsold Luxury Suites On Antarctica Cruises From The US! Tabs, Wed., July 27, 2022

Unsold Luxury Suites On Antarctica Cruises From The US! Tabs, Wed., July 27, 2022

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Against policy. (Not actually against policy, but the Left's focus on policy, thinking the right bureaucratic mix would deliver us majorities to keep bettering the bureaucratic mix, has kept us from responding to Republicans' constant attacks on governing itself.) — Brian Beutler's Big Tent

The American Prospect is just so good. Here's their new package on what policies — ;) — we should be looking toward over the next decade.

Oh lord Jesus:

The next day, Elizabeth's ob-gyn came to the hospital to arrange the procedure. Right away, she ran into obstacles because of the Texas law. A fight began, which Elizabeth first became aware of as her doctor paced the hall outside her room, talking on her phone.

"I remember hearing her, from my room, speaking loudly about how nothing is being done here."

After one conversation, the doctor returned to her bedside.

"I can tell that she's been beat down, because she has been trying to fight for me all day, advocating on my behalf," Elizabeth says. "And she starts to cry and she tells me: 'They're not going to touch you.' And that 'you can either stay here and wait to get sick where we can monitor you, or we discharge you and you monitor yourself. Or you wait till your baby's heartbeat stops.'"

Oh it gets so worse. — NPR

JD Vance, you're not on a fucking book tour, dude, and the Republicans in your state are loooosing their miiiinds at your shitty campaigning. (Daily Beast)

The "GOP's messiest primary," and it's in my new home state of Michigan? I will click you, Politico, and I will LOL!

Where was Kevin McCarthy anyway? (Bulwark)

Well I feel like I should have heard about this, as Alex Jones is going to trial for some of his Sandy Hook defamation!

Jones cycled through lawyers as if they had an expiration date, but managed to retain attorney Norm Pattis, who most recently was seen at a comedy club with his pants down and saying the N-word during a stand-up set.

I ... what???? — HuffPost

The felons who are doing time for voting after an elections official came to prison and registered them to vote. Oh, Florida. (Pro Publica)

The dumbest moments of the Turning Point USA Florida batshit factory? Mother Jones watched so we didn't have to.

The Pope went to Canada to apologize to First Nations families for how the Church just murdered a bunch of their children, so yay and also yikes, and this is something:

“I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous peoples,” Francis, sitting in a white chair with two Indigenous chiefs on either side, said to the crowd. “In the face of this deplorable evil, the Church kneels before God and implores his forgiveness for the sins of her children.”


El Salvador president is trying to make the country all Bitcoin and shit. El Salvador president is the worst. (The Intercept)

Open a tab for when you've got half an hour, and enjoy the fuck out of "The Haves And Haves Yachts." (New Yorker)

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