Unsuccessful Sheriff Candidate Who Promised To Arrest All Abortions Moves To Chile To Be Next Pinochet Maybe


People of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire! You have done a great disservice to yourself and this nation by failing to electFrank Szabo as sheriff. Now who will protect you all from federal agents and abortions?

In an interview with the Monitor ahead of the primary, Szabo pledged to protect citizens against rogue federal bureaucrats if elected, arresting government agents if he thought it necessary to protect property and personal rights. In an earlier interview with WMUR, he had said he might use deadly force to stop abortions but later retracted that statement, saying that he would simply arrest abortion providers.


Frank Szabo was going to give you everything, people of Hillsborough County New Hampshire. He was going to help you understand why abortion is like slavery! He was going to dispense some stone cold posse citizen's justice all over your fair New England land.

Szabo said he would arrest doctors who perform elective or late-term abortions and bring them to the county attorney to prosecute, even if the doctors' actions were allowed under state law.

"The county attorney would then need to follow through on prosecuting," Szabo said. "And if they choose not to do their duty and uphold the constitution, they can be brought up on charges before what is called a citizens grand jury, which is something that is not common in the United States, but again is something based in common law that is within the purview of the county sheriff."

Who doesn't want a sheriff that ignores the law?? Since you were so foolish, people of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Mr. Szabo has decamped to...well, we don't know where, because his location is seekrit because he is concerned about "capital controls; current and forthcoming." We have no idea what that is, but it sounds terrifying.

Fare thee well, Frank Szabo. America is endlessly poorer for your absence. We'll just have to cuddle Sheriff Joe Arpaio instead.



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