Unusual Vinegar Hacks That Are Worth Trying! Tabs, Wed., April 20, 2022

Unusual Vinegar Hacks That Are Worth Trying! Tabs, Wed., April 20, 2022

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Those "Libs of Tik Tok" and Don't Say Gay stories giving you the deja vu? Refresh yourself on Radio Rwanda. (Wikipedia)

How do you stop a cult of personality? Well, they always end badly, so that's fun and good!

Ben-Ghiat: The genius of the “big lie” was not only that it sparked a movement that ended up with January 6 to physically allow him to stay in office. But psychologically the “big lie” was very important because it prevented his propagandized followers from having to reckon with the fact that he lost. And it maintains him as their hero, as their winner, as the invincible Trump, but also as the wronged Trump, the victim. Victimhood is extremely important for all autocrats. They always have to be the biggest victim.

Interview with Ruth Ben-Ghiat in Politico.

As much or actually probably much more than you can bear to read on LOLWTF with the Tucker Carlson sunning his balls and also the taint. (Also fascism.) (Also a shoutout to our Robyn. Hi our Robyn!) (Respectful Insolence)


A different paper, also out of Columbia, looked at a range of studies on the benefits of cash payments to families with young children. Here’s the takeaway: A $3,000-a-year child benefit would pay for itself 10 times over. These payments come back in higher long-term earnings, higher educational attainment, higher birth weights, lower neonatal mortality, better adult physical health and better adult mental health. They lead to less crime and higher tax revenues and longer life expectancy.

ARRRRRRRRGH. — Free link at New York Times

Unions five for five against Starbucks yestertoday! NOT ARGGGH! (Richmond)

If Karen Bass can end homelessness in Los Angeles in a year, God bless her, because it is not okay. And I don't know how she exists in the space between the Valleyites who will vote for the Republican billionaire and the activists who insist forcing shelter on people is tyranny and it's a human right to live and shit on the street. (The Guardian)

I too also while being sued by parents of dead schoolchildren diverted $54 million of Wonkette $ to "dubious" debts to companies also owned by me, ALLEGEDLY. (13 News Now / lawsuit)

How Philly Quakers are implementing some reparations for being a LIL BIT more complicit in slavery than they wanted to admit to themselves. (They were still better than almost all the other white people.) — Billy Penn

Is it possible ... could it be??? ... that Republican senators are shitty to Black women specifically because they are Black women???? (19th News)

Repeat after me in your most dudgeon-essed shriek: "I DON'T WANT THAT SHIT IN MY HOUSE!" — Ars Technica

How many jobs do you have? I have seven because Wonkette will kill me, just see if it don't. "Some Problems Even a Wife Can't Fix," Anne Helen Petersen substack.

Big Tech is stealing news publishers' money, and Big Content is happy to cut itself in for a slice. (Cory Doctorow at Medium)

No, you're spending two hours reading the menus of every Italian restaurant in Detroit during your "workday."

Well of course we clicked the vinegar hacks, did you think we wouldn't? (More Hackz)

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