Unvaccinated Michigan GOP GOV Candidate Thinks Your Kid Should Just Walk Off COVID-19

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Unvaccinated Michigan GOP GOV Candidate Thinks Your Kid Should Just Walk Off COVID-19

Earlier this month, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano shared his gross position that rape victims should carry their pregnancies to term because it’s apparently the will of an asshole God. Also, the fetus could become the next president of the United States. No, really, he said this out loud. The link’s below.

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These days, it’s a given that anyone this offensively stupid is also defiantly anti-vax. According to audio from a Feb. 10 meet-and-greet event in Flint, Soldano told supporters that he’s unvaccinated against COVID-19 and suggested that the best way to defeat the virus is apparently through personal responsibility. COVID-19 is defenseless against 1980s conservative dogma. Of course, he doesn’t think it’s personally responsible to take a free and safe vaccine that would protect you and countless others.

“It’s accountability time. Do not depend on your doctor for help,” Soldano said. “It’s your responsibility to be healthy.”

Soldano is a chiropractor, so he’s probably met actual doctors at some point. They could explain to him that contracting COVID-19 isn’t like locking yourself out of the house or forgetting to pay your light bill on time. He insisted that proper nutrition lets the body — if you’ll forgive the complicated medical jargon — do “what it needs to do.”

He also kept calling COVID-19 a “cold.” The virus has killed at least 939,213 Americans, 31,383 of whom were Michiganders. It’s a lot worse than a stuffy nose, especially if you’re unvaccinated. Soldano falsely and repulsively claimed that COVID-19 only kills the “unhealthy and obese.” This isn’t true, but even if it were, shouldn’t you recommend that at-risk people take the vaccine? Soldano also doesn’t see why children should bother getting vaccinated because the death rate is so low. How many dead kids would it take to convince him?

“You let the kids get this naturally, it’d be fine,” Soldano said.

Yes, Soldano is big on natural immunity. This is a common strain of ignorance among body-shaming types.They want to believe their superior genes can shrug off a bout of COVID. The fool was infected with the virus last year, and he believes this provides better protection than the vaccine. Numerous medical studies make it clear how wrong he is:

Those who have been fully vaccinated and boosted have more immunity than those who experienced a previous infection, and those who have recovered from the virus generally only receive an antibody boost for a few months before the protection wanes.

So, get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t had COVID-19, and get vaccinated and boosted even if you’ve survived a previous infection. Maybe even wear a mask, which Soldano also thinks is bunk.

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Last year, Soldano posted TikTok videos suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines aren’t as effective as advertised (they are) and the pandemic isn’t as deadly as the libs go on about (it most definitely is). Soldano falsely claimed in a video with more than 2.5 million views that PCR tests can’t tell the difference between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. “Maybe that’s why the flu just disappeared,” he wondered. No, goddamnit, people wore masks and got the flu vaccine.

During his anti-vax rant in Flint, Soldano questioned the longterm effects of the vaccine. It’s the most cynical disinformation campaign that will get people killed.

“What do we know that’s going to happen in five years, 10 years, 20 years?” Soldano questioned. “Give me the research.”

I can’t predict the future, but I do know that if Soldano is still around in 20 years, he’ll still be a moron. Let’s just make sure he’s never Michigan governor.

[Michigan Advance / Heartland Signal]

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