UPDATE: City To Baseball: "Drop Dead!"

It seems a bunch of Democratic consultants have started a campaign to strike back at D.C. City Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp, the evil genius behind the sudden and amazing destruction of what had been a done deal to bring baseball back to Washington. This morning, John Hlinko (who ran the "Draft Wes Clark" campaign last year) and his Grassroots Enterprises colleagues launched DropCropp.com. Why?

This is about more than baseball. These antics have once again made Washington, DC the laughingstock of the nation.
That's funny, we thought Ward 8 voters took care of that last month when they sent Marion Barry back to elected office. But we're sure Cropp is running scared now -- after all, look how successful Democratic activists armed with the Internet have been lately!

Drop Cropp! [DropCropp.com]

City To Baseball: "Drop Dead!" [Wonkette]


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