UPDATE: Hostage Suspect Identified As Local Beer Drunk Armed With Road Flares!

save.jpgAccording to witnesses, the hostage suspect is Troy Stanley, the bomb strapped to his chest is actually road flares and he has been drinking beer all day. According to MSNBC, the hostage suspect's son told a witness that the man had been drinking beer all day. The witness, the son's friend, said the suspect "was perfectly normal when i knew him. But I've heard stories that he has issues. You know, like conspiracy theories and that things of that nature."

Hostage negotiations specialist are now saying best approach is to wait until the suspect sobers up. Meanwhile, Sen. Hillary Clinton's house in Washington, D.C. is swarming with police and secret service as both Bill and Hillary Clinton have cleared their schedules or the day and are presumably hunkered down.

According to police, Stanley's past charges include criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and interfering with government business.


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