UPDATE: Jim Webb's Gun-Toting Staffer Also a Marine & Will Kill Us All

One hand on the Koran, one hand to strangle Cheney ... - WonketteWe've been waiting for Jim Webb to go crazy in public and start killing his enemies, and it appears the pieces are falling into place. Here's what we now know about this morning's arrest:

* The dude had a loaded pistol with two extra magazines, both fully loaded.

* Capitol police got him after he put the bag through the X-Ray machine.

* They arrested him on charges of "carrying a Pistol Without a License, Unregistered Firearm and Unregistered Ammunition."

* Webb's office "returned fire" with this statement, according to ABC News: "To our knowledge, this incident was an oversight by the Senator's aide. Phillip Thompson is a former Marine, a long-term friend and trusted employee of the Senator. We are still awaiting facts."

* Dude was totally left "holding the bag," as they say. Webb's office won't deny that it was Crazy Jim's gun. He's an NRA guy.

Webb Staffer Arrested for Gun Possession [ABC News]


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