Hooray, wemade a Jonah Goldberg post on The Corner! Time to break out the sparkling cider HMM? Jonah simply does not care for this website's devastating investigative "reporting" (got an e-mail, determined the source was credible enough and the content was harmless, posted it as gossip -- JUST LIKE B. WOODWARD), and says that he DID stand for the President... briefly... barely... shouldn't even have to stand for that fucking guy... and that the problem was boredom. He went to a black-tie Washington reporters' banquet but wasn't expecting to be bored.

Look guys, here's the fact of the matter: when Jonah Goldberg parks his ass in a chair for the night, he doesn't take kindly to some Democrat President making him stand up all over again.

Wonkette has some report saying I didn't stand for Obama when he spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner. My recollection is this is flatly untrue. I may have been slow to rise since I couldn't see the president from our table save on a screen on the other side of the room and I may have been quick to sit since my inclination to sustain a standing ovation was less than powerful. And, as for the rest of the "report" I think it's pissy b.s.

Meanwhile it was just K-Lo who was acting so visibly dissatisfied -- Jonah and his buddy Ramesh Ponnuru were playing with the iPhone Fart App and "whispering" among themselves so quietly that, hmm, everyone in their area could easily hear them.

Anyway, this is not true either. I didn't have my shaking head in my hands. Kathryn did as she was legitimately upset with the course of the evening. Me? I was mostly bored because Sykes wasn't, you know, funny. To the extent my head was down it was probably because I was looking at my iPhone or leaning in to whisper to Kathryn or Ramesh so as to not bother others at our table.

And that dumb Wonkette should go drink a jug of AIDS.

But enough explaining myself to Wonkette of all places. What I like about this is that the loser doing the "reporting" was so invested in Wanda Sykes to turn violent at what she/he thinks is an affront to Sykes' dignity. Ah yes, because attention must be paid to her fabulous kidney failure jokes and stirring calls for higher teacher pay! No wonder this sleuth has nothing better to do than report for Wonkette.

Frankly, I didn't know that Wonkette was even still a site until just a few minutes ago.

Sometimes angry people use that kicker as the ultimate insult towards us, and they are always lying. What a whiner this guy is. Why did he even bother going if he knew he would turn into a whiny baby after hearing an offensive joke, or a call for a political idea he opposes? What kind of child does he have to be to respond to the vulgar, anti-American Wonkette blog?

Wonkette's "Reporting" [The Corner]


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