UPDATE: Non-Hostage Situation Downtown

When earlier today we were, uhm, "reporting" on the hostage situation at 15th and K, we hesitated to make the funny. What with the possibility of casualties and all. But it turns out the comedy was there all along:

Streets were closed in parts of downtown Washington for four hours this morning as heavily armed police searched in vain for an armed robber and possible hostages inside a Rite Aid drugstore at the corner of 15th and L Streets NW.

[. . .]

Customers fled the store during the 8 a.m. robbery, but two employees sought refuge in a side office and made contact with the police.

Police initially thought the gunman remained inside and was holding the women hostage. A team of at least a dozen SWAT team officers, including snipers, descended on the corner of 15th Street.

But after conducting a search of the store, they determined the suspect had escaped.

Using both hands a flashlight, no doubt.

D.C. Police Search for Armed Robber [WP]


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