UPS Promises Fake Coulter Investigation

Earlier today, Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker was a tad miffed that Ann Coulter's handler at Universal Press Syndicate, the delightfully alliterative Kathie Kerr, didn't seem too interested in investigating the plagiarism charges swirling around her stick-insect-like moneymaker. Furthermore, she claimed, " far, none of the papers carrying Coulter's column have called to complain about the plagiarism, or to drop the feature." Undaunted by her "Pffft, whatevs" attitude, the blogosphere has continued to scream, cry and beg for some Coulter blood, as if there's really any to draw.

But now, tired of the phone calls, the hand-wringing, the tears and pouting, Ms. Kerr has done a totally convincing about-face, and vaguely promised a maybe-tomorrow-maybe-someday investigation which no doubt will totally condemn the woman who makes them wheelbarrows full of money which, placed end-to-end, could totally reach Uranus.

Oh, the wheels of fake justice are swift. I'm giddy, aren't you?

Update: Company to Probe Coulter Plagiarism Charges [TPM Muckraker]

Coulter Gets a Pass on Plagiarism? [TPM Muckraker]


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