Upstate Billionaire Embroiled In NY Senate Drama Also Dating Monica Seles?


Possibly sexy sex news out of sexy upstate New York, which is for lovers! Tom Golisano, a richy-rich New York guy who has dabbled heavily in state politics over the years, got annoyed with the state Senate majority leader for ignoring his entreaties not to raise taxes on the vulnerable ultrawealthy and subsequently had a hand in the whole Repubican [Ha whoops! "Republican." -- Ed.] COUP upstate. But, more excitingly, he is also allegedly dating Monica Seles. Are there really not enough wealthy and semi-famous people to go around these days, that tennis stars must go trolling in Albany for dates?

Golisano is 67 and Seles is 35, which, hey why not, but also, ick.

Here is a funny anecdote about the whole Albany mess, in which legislators behaved like actual 5-year-old children:

Democrats locked the doors of the Senate chamber, preventing Republicans from gathering there, and refused to turn over the keys, prompting Republicans to threaten to hold a legislative session in the park outside.

That obviously has nothing to do with Golisano's or Seles's personal lives, but anyway, you can see why voters would not care so much for New York politicians these days, of any stripe.

Golisano-Seles A Love Match [New York Post]

Feeling Slighted, Rich Patron Led Albany Revolt [New York Times]


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