U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Holds Wild Bacchanal At D.C. Sports Bar

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Holds Wild Bacchanal At D.C. Sports Bar

Here is some proof that America's lobbyists remain some of the world's sturdiest boozers: employees of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently ran up an $8,204 bar tab in a single wild evening celebrating the end of their softball tournament at The Exchange. And then they acted like a bunch of cheap whining assholes, complaining that the bill included an 18 percent tip. So what were these drunk idiots ordering, Nebuchadnezzars of champagne from Thomas Jefferson's secret stash? Alas no, because Ted Kennedy already drank it all.

Nope, the bar tab included 155 pitchers of beer, 37 bottles of beer, 208 mixed drinks, 111 shots, 43 margaritas and 11 open bottles of liquor -- basically what your brave Wonketteers consumed in an hour during our recent Paultarpalooza.

People at the Chamber's party also reported attendees ordering a gazillion pitchers of vodka and Red Bull, which is just gross.

Chamber COO David Chavern sent out an email telling everybody how sad and mad he was that they spent so much money, but they were all too hung over to read it.

How much booze will $8,204 buy? The Chamber finds out the hard way [The Crypt]


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