US Congress Plotting To Foil WALNUTS!

John McCain's whole brilliant scheme to bail Sarah Palin out of the debates will only work if his Republican pals refuse to come up with a financial plan for saving America until ... enh, Monday or so. But now it looks like everybody is getting on the same page and working together in the spirit of bipartisan compromise and suchlike! This is good, maybe, for America, but bad for Walnuts.

Now his cheap stunt will be remembered as just another 24 hours' worth of flailing in an historically flailsome campaign. PLUS he will have to say he supports whatever bill these lawmakers have come up with, since he went to all the trouble of "suspending" his campaign to hammer it out, but then again so will Obama, so even if the bill just suxx everybody will have to say they love it. Because the President asked them to love it.

In sum, Sarah Palin needs to get back to studying up for her debate next week, which will be delayed again when John McCain climbs the Washington Monument nude.

Lawmakers Seem Near Deal on Bailout [New York Times]


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