Another loser official from the Bush Administration is stepping down to spend time with the family, but there's something especially funny about the departure of Emilio Gonzalez from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency -- because Gonzalez wrote a big whiny blog post (on the Department of Homeland Security blog, of course) about how the New York Timescalled him a loser! And then about a million people with varying degrees of English-as-a-Second-Language proficiency left hilarious comments!

Emilio is only the latest Gonzalez to depart the failed Bush Administration in shame, but the recent miracle of government blogs allows us to view the inner workings of a petulant little bureaucrat:

The Times got it wrong again. I feel compelled to set the record straight for 17,000 employees who work late nights and weekends to welcome lawful immigrants into our society. I will not stand idly by as the New York Times insults the dedicated and professional services they provide.

Jesus, this guy is straight out of the 2004 wingnut-on-blogspot school. Of course he missed the point: The NYT blamed him, not the hardworking employees or whatever.

Anyway, he goes on for another hundred boring paragraphs before finally wrapping it up:

My posting today demonstrates to the more than 700,000 newly naturalized citizens that this country embraces free and open debate. It is a shame, however that a newspaper like the New York Times - which boasts with each paper that it contains all the news that's fit to print - only values its version of a story and leaves no room for that debate or for the facts.

Emilio T. Gonzalez
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Yes yes, your post on a blog definitely proves you're right about everything and the NYT sucks liberal cocks in Hell and boy you sure got 'em with that zinger about the "All the News That's Fit To Print" line, etc. But are unmoderated comments enabled? Yes. Yes They Are!

Everybody remains "Anonymous," of course. You piss off the INS or whatever it's called now and those people will ruin your life forever, Mr. & Mrs. Foreigner!

  • It is precisely bureaucrats like Dr. Emilio Gonzalez that give outfits like the New York Times ample credibility in the eyes of readers as they slam the incredible clumsiness of their management. Happy retirement, Mr. Golzalez. I am sure you will be missed - by someone.

  • Thank you Mr.Gonzalez. I kindly request you to look into our "Administrative Fixes" proposal for Employment Based Permanent Residency Process aka. the Green Card process. We have hundreds and thousands of legal, highly skilled, tax paying and law abiding immigrants such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, technology professionals who are waiting for an average of four years or more in the queue and respectfully request your good office to look into our proposals. Our best wishes to the thousands of hard working individuals at USCIS.

  • The article did not attack USCIS workforce, and reacting so defensively is only an transparent attempt to distract from the fact that the times criticizes the poor leadership of director Gonzales.

  • I filed my I-130 and my husband filed his I-485 in SEPTEMBER 2004. We're still waiting. Great efficiency at USCIS? yeah, right.

  • I think Gonzales must be really stupid to come on here to say crap, you obviously don't know what your stupid agency has been putting families through. The truth is bitter but it will definitely be told by the MEDIA who will and can never be gauged! Your agency puts false information and have people in the immigration process for years on end and you come on here chatting crap.

  • Hello !!! I file in 2001, my brother is my sponsor for the green card and i steel waiting!!!!I have special needs son, and i cant leave the country if i have to go in France( i am French)for any emergency health, Its crazy to wait that long.My case is the 4th priority!!! GREAT !! And i already spend $7500.OO with my immigration Lawer!! What i suppost to do ??? NOTHING !! Just wait!

  • Having read the above article a few comments up all I can say is that its rather shameful that Emilio even has posted this statement. Its like Hitler commenting on the good work of his SS.

Indeed! And with that, we'll let it go. Lots more anger and nuttiness here if you are bored in your heart.


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