Us "Malign" Katherine Harris? Never!

Everyone bitches and moans about how "no one votes" or "Americans don't care about politics" or "apathy blah blah blah" but when we try to inject a little bit of excitement and passion into the electoral process, we get called out for being "shallow" or "meanspirited" or something, we don't know, we're not really paying attention. But FoxNews has accused us of "maligning" the appearance of one Katherine Harris -- ok, how wrong is that? If there's one politician whose appearance we're celebrating -- not maligning -- it's Katherine Harris. We wish everyone else in the House looked like her! Then, not two grafs later, they turn around and bring in the "consultant":

"It's a detraction from her desired outcome. The focus should be on her commitment and appropriateness to the position," said Gloria Starr, an image consultant whose client list includes pop group Destiny's Child and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

After being a shown a series of recent campaign photographs in which Harris is heavily made up and wearing tight-fitting pants and tops, Starr expressed surprise that Harris was running on a conservative Christian Republican platform.

"The last thing a woman needs is to have a man looking at her breasts instead of her face," Starr said. "At best she's got a mixed brand. At worst she's knocked herself out of the game.

"I would absolutely love to work with this woman," Starr added.

First note: Canadian readers -- was Mulroney a little... you know? 'Cause bringing in Beyonce's stylist is the kinda shit that wouldn't fly in 35-48 of our "states."

Second note: Katy! Don't listen to this guy! Don't change a thing! Well, maybe change one thing:


Black shirt w/ white bra? We thought you knew better than that.

Harris Lacking Support From Her Own Party [FoxNews]


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