August is a miserably hot month that serves no purpose other than to remind us a) that we wasted June and July and b) that we should probably do something valuable with our lives. We don’t even get any holidays — it’s just a harbinger of bad things to come, like the end of summer. So, we have made it our DUTY to bring some semblance of meaning to this otherwise unimportant month, but so far all we've come up with is YOU using August to relax and get in touch with your soul via … yoga.

Before you declare that we’ve been spending too much time in Logan Circle, let’s just get a few things straight: no one is asking you drop serious money on classes (shit’s expensive), or take up Kabbalah and run off to Africa. All were saying is that yoga can be a good way to relax and to ease into the craziness that is life after Labor Day. Besides, you can do it for free or next to nothing, so why not?

Free Yoga:

  • Lululemon:This yoga studio chain that caters to super skinny attractive people offers Yoga for the plebes in Dupont Circle on Wednesday nights from 6:30PM-7:30PM. Bring your own mat, and please remember that eating is a good thing.
  • Even Keel Yoga: Even Keel Yoga is a clothing store that sells yoga wear and accessories and it will offer free Yoga in Rock Creek Park on Sunday, August 16 and Sunday, September 20 from 10AM-11AM. We recommend you do NOT venture into the park alone, as this has resulted in one too many not so pleasant events in the past...


Plenty of other yoga studios offer free classes, including:

Another great option is to take advantage of the reduced price trial packages that many studios offer. Read: this is a great way to “try” a bunch of different places, never commit or pay a lot to do yoga for weeks at a time.

Classes/No Discounts:

If you DO want to pay, and really relax this August, some of the more popular options include:

  • Bikram Yoga Dupont: This studio offers the hot kind of yoga where almost fainting earns you a cookie. Words of warning: people can see you sweating or nearing passing out through the studio's large windows.
  • Quiet Mind: Quiet Mind is located in Columbia Heights and the presence of a yoga studio in this neighborhood is the ultimate indicator that yes, white kids have flocked here in droves and that like it or not, "urban renewal" is in full swing here.
  • Flow: Located right by the Whole Foods on P Street, Flow is known to be one of the best (and most expensive) yoga studios in DC. It's also your quintessential yuppie yoga studio, as evidenced by the name brand cookies they serve after class and the fact that classes are packed during weekday afternoons.

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