USS John McCain To Nuke George Will


  • Michele Bachmann, Joe Lieberman, Sarah Palin, the Washington Post op-ed section and New York City all spent the past week being complete assholes. [Paul Slansky]
  • Even if you look like some big bald chipmunk-cheeked giant baby -- you know, John McCain -- that doesn't mean you will necessarily lose elections, like John McCain loses elections. [Alex Pareene]
  • John McCain's girlfriend Lindsey Graham went on a Sunday news-chat show and started lisping about John McCain's dumb criticisms of Obama's cool handling of the crazy Iran situation, and George Will said, "You, Lindsey Graham, are a pathetic old fool." [Think Progress]
  • John McCain is such a belligerent jackhole for making his idiotic, dangerous comments about how if HE somehow had become president, he would make sure that whole Iranian democratic revolution crashed as quickly as every plane he ever piloted ... or so says Peggy Noonan, anyway. [Wall Street Journal]
  • An actual Navy destroyer ship called the "USS John McCain" has gone rogue and will soon attack North Korea, to get back at Charlie for good this time. [Fox News]

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