Utah Legislator Being Hunted By "Lynch Mob" After Separate Racist Comment

A Utah state senator, Chris Buttars, last week described an education bill in perfectly non-controversial terms: "This baby is black, I'll tell you. This is a dark, ugly thing." Buttars, a Republican, apologized for this comment, but the damn liberals are on his case as usual. He described the heat in this similarly non-controversial manner: "But then they started getting meaner and meaner and meaner to the point it is just a hate lynch mob." Did we mention that the damn liberals in question are the NAACP?

The unflappable Chris Buttars defended the racist comment that he used to defend his racist comment with yet another racist comment:

He said he spent years working with troubled teens at Utah Boys Ranch. "I've dealt with black kids, red kids, brown kids at the Boys Ranch more than half of my adult life, and I've never been accused of racial anything. I see a kid in trouble," he said Monday.

What about the yellow people? Do you not care about the yellow Asians, Senator Buttars?

The head of the local NAACP, Jeanetta Williams, is demanding his resignation. But she doesn't understand that Buttars speaks only of values when he offhandedly dishes out horrible racist comments:

"I would like to be thought of as someone who is intensely committed to maintaining the fundamental moral values of the country," Buttars said. "My slogan in all my campaigns has been, 'Defending traditional values.'"

He then likely described his other famous slogans, such as 'A Cornbread-flavored Watermelon in Every Pot on Sunday.'

"Black Baby" Lawmaker Plans to Run Again [KNRS]


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