Utah Wingnuts Called For High School 'No Mask Monday' Protest. Hero Teens Said 'No Thanks, Jerks!'
Video screenshot, KSL-TV

Masks on and hats off to the plucky teens of Enterprise High School (Home of the Wolves) in Enterprise, Utah, population 1,862. Last week, a bunch of messages on Facebook called for parents to send their kids to school in defiance of a statewide mask mandate, to teach those socialist tyrants in Salt Lake City the meaning of Liberty. Instead, KSL-TV reports, students at the high school responded by networking with each other to make sure they all wore masks to school yesterday.

Now if we could just get some of these kids on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

For some background, let's note that Fox News reported Friday that although Utah doesn't have a statewide mask mandate, Gov. Gary Herbert issued a public health order in July requiring students, staff, faculty, and visitors to mask up while on school property or on school buses. Those refusing to do so could be charged with a class B misdemeanor, although the decision to press charges is left up to school leaders. A spox for Herbert said, "It's enforced on a district and superintendent level, but we're not thinking, 'Let's slap a bunch of kids with misdemeanors.'"

Which is what they say, but clearly they want to make Utah a socialist hellhole. At a minimum, the order does require that students who refuse to wear a mask be sent home (students showing up without masks at Enterprise High are offered a mask). The Deseret News notes that "hundreds of parents" had protested outside the Washington County school district's offices in St. George Friday, calling for the mask mandate to be lifted. The district serves about 35,000 students countywide.

That sure raised the hackles of some parents in Enterprise, who took to Facebook to declare Give Me Coronavirus Or Give Me Hyperbole:

It's important for kids to resist this "public health" nonsense, so "maybe they will not just follow blindly to the coming mandates that will come in the future." Like having to wash their hands before returning to work, or reporting to Biden's death camps for Patriots.

A whole bunch of kids reached the not-unreasonable conclusion that if a large number of their peers eschewed the slavery masks, that could lead to an outbreak, and then a school shutdown. EHS Senior Dallee Cobb, whose track and field season was cut short in the spring when the schools went online, really didn't want to see that happen again. She's also on the cheer squad, so before Saturday's f'ball game (in front of a lineup of players and cheerleaders wearing masks), she called on adults to please not screw up another school year if you don't mind, OK? Here's video from Facebook, posted by her dad, Mike:

We saw with the class of 2020 how fast things we love can be taken away from us. We, of all people, should know that wearing a mask is not fun. Neither is wearing a seatbelt, or a life jacket, or pads for football but we do all these things so we have a future. [...]

We ask that you put your mask on so we can get our game on.

Ms. Cobb also acknowledged that wearing a mask is inconvenient, but it's a necessary measure if the schools are to have a chance to stay open. So please, she asked the crowd, to help ensure school and football can continue, they should take this "small, simple, and selfless act" and mask up. She's clearly learned not just public spiritedness, but also epiphora and alliteration.

The speeches and the kids' social networking did the job, and Enterprise High Principal Calvin Holt said there were no problems with masks Monday.

It shows a lot of promise in the future. We've got great kids at Enterprise High School. [...] We're just happy to be back in school and we'll do anything we can to stay here.

KSL notes that reporters tried to get in touch with some of the people who had been calling for the maskless faceoff, but nobody got back to them.

[KSL-TV / Fox News / Deseret News]

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