VA GOP Gov. Candidate Glenn Youngkin Not Familiar With This 'Trump' You Speak Of, How You Spell That?

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VA GOP Gov. Candidate Glenn Youngkin Not Familiar With This 'Trump' You Speak Of, How You Spell That?

Some Democrats are worrying — Politico Playbook said they "HIT THE PANIC BUTTON" this week — about November's gubernatorial race in Virginia between former governor Terry McAuliffe and Trump-anointed Christian rightanti-abortion asshole Glenn Youngkin. Virginia is a pretty blue state, so hopefully close polling isn't that big of a deal and McAuliffe will get re-elected to his old job. We shall see. Our gut — which is our gut, and nothing else — says it's probably fine, because Virginia really is blue, and the Beltway media is just looking for something to shit its pants about.

Of course, as usual, Democrats can't afford to sleep on voting. Can we be confident Democrats have learned that lesson after four years of literally Donald Fucking Trump? Is America so stupid (yes) that it would follow its usual path and immediately flip back toward the Republicans, after just last year giving Democrats control of the entire government? (Yes again yes we said yes dumbest country on planet yes.)

Anyway, both candidates are trying to stay in exactly the perfect lane that will bring their bases out to vote, but not scare away moderates who live in suburbs. For example, as Playbook reported, McAuliffe is telling DC Democrats and Joe Biden to "get their act together." That's right, Terry, you tell them DC Democrats who live in faraway out-of-touch across the Potomac River!

Meanwhile Youngkin is trying to walk the line between giving Donald Trump a full-throated mouth hug and pretending like actually he's never met Trump, depending on which constituency he's talking to. ("Never Trumpers and Forever Trumpers," he talks about.) Trump has not actually come to Virginia, and Youngkin tries not to talk about him too much.

But there was a rally focused on electing Youngkin on Wednesday night, the "Take Back Virginia" rally, and oh boy, it was Trump as fuck. Steve Bannon rubbed his pubic grundle area all over the whole state — figuratively, of course! — and Trump called in to endorse Youngkin and to call the 2020 election RIGGED! and the other speakers babbled conspiracy theories about how the election was RIGGED! and everybody pledged allegiance to an American flag that was reportedly at the Trump Capitol terrorist attack.

How's that playing with the soccer moms in Vienna and Fairfax, Glenn?

Clearly Youngkin is worried, because he's doing as much as he can to distance himself from that rally. For one thing, he's staying mum on whether he'd like Trump to come campaign with/for him in these final weeks. He was asked about that whole thing where Trump supporters worshiped a flag that was allegedly part of an anti-American terrorist attack, and heck no, he wants no part of that:

YOUNGKIN: So to be clear I don't think … if that … I wasn't involved so I don't know. but if that is the case then we shouldn't pledge allegiance to that flag. And oh by the way I've been so clear there is no place for violence … none, none in America today.

Uhhhhhhhhh so to be clear he wasn't there, he doesn't know, no pledge allegiance, no violence, NO WAY. So saith Glenn.

He released a full statement, which is worded a bit better:

"While I had no role in last night's event, I have heard about it from many people in the media today. It is weird and wrong to pledge allegiance to a flag connected to January 6. As I have said many times before, the violence that occurred on January 6 was sickening and wrong."

Youngkin has also tried to distance himself from crazy batshit talk about election fraud during the campaign, presumably batshit talk like what Steve Bannon said at the rally in his honor about how Joe Biden "didn't win [Virginia] by 10 points, OK, no doubt about that." (Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points.)

Here's what Youngkin's spokesperson Macaulay Porter had to say about that yesterday:

"McAuliffe will be campaigning in Virginia with Stacey Abrams, who falsely claimed her race was stolen," she said, citing Georgia's 2018 contest for governor.

"The McAuliffe-Abrams Election Denier Tour will feature the two of the three biggest election conspiracy theorists in the Democrat Party — the only one missing will be McAuliffe's mentor Hillary Clinton."

Wow, somebody has a decal of Kayleigh McEnany on her proverbial Trapper Keeper, and it is clearly Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter.

So that is what is happening in Virginia.

Election's in November kids. Don't fuck it up.

[Richmond Times-Dispatch]

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