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Virgil Goode is the patriotic Republican congressman who threatened to deport Representative Keith Ellison, an American citizen from Minneapolis who was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's Koran. Once upon a time Rep. Goode had a press secretary named Linwood Duncan. This Duncan fellow was Goode's press secretary for many years! And then, suddenly, he had "health problems" and had to retire after it turned out he had a line or two in a terrible gay coming-of-age movie shot in Danville. But that's not even the worst of it! Duncan may have been complicit in the UNSPEAKABLE VIOLATION OF A FAX LINE.

Stay with us here, because this is complicated:

1. This Duncan, press secretary to extremely conservative nut Goode, has a little role in this awful movie.

2. Duncan is also good friends with the writer/producer Jerry Meadors, a man who should be imprisoned forever for this sort of dialogue:

Peter (freshman in bed with Ian, his graduate student poetry T.A.): "I'm scared." Ian: "Don't be, it'll go away." Peter: "Promise?" Ian: "Yeah."

3. Meadors sends his terrible movie to a Toronto gay and lesbian film festival, and provides VIRGIL GOODE'S OFFICE FAX LINE as a way to contact him.

4. Everybody laughs because Virgil Goode is now a godless sodomite, having (unknowingly?) whored out his fax line to promote a movie about brainless young men in college fucking each other.


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