Val Demings Is The Next Contestant On 'Tell Jim Jordan To Go F*ck A Rake'!


You know, we've never cared too much for congressional decorum, and we especially don't love it now, when we have one American political party that's forced to try to govern at odds with another political party, the Republican Party, that's fundamentally un-American to its rotten core. So as Republicans get more authoritarian and more racist, we're glad to see some members of Congress just cutting the shit and treating them like they deserve to be treated.

We loved watching Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters tell GOP Rep. Jim Jordan to shut his fucking face last week.

And yesterday, in a hearing on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act before the Chauvin verdict came down, Rep. Val Demings took her turn telling Jordan to shut his fucking face.

Demings, an actual former cop who ran the Orlando Police Department, was making a point about how Republicans are all hot to trot for cops when it's politically convenient — you know, when supporting cops helps them prop up racism and violence against Black Americans — but the second it's not convenient anymore, they don't give a shit about them. Congressional Republicans especially don't appear to give a shit about the Capitol Police officers who protected them on January 6, the day the authoritarian shitheel Republicans worship ordered a domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol, as they tried to advance the Big Lie that their hero had actually won an election he lost in a landslide.

Republicans were advancing some idiot-ass amendment to the hate crimes bill that's intended to ban defunding the police. Again, this is a hate crimes bill aimed at addressing the alarming rise of hate and violence against Asian Americans, which is largely happening because the Republicans' god used the pandemic to incite hatred against Asian Americans. The Republicans' amendment is "irrelevant," as Demings noted.

And besides, she was busy making a point about how gross it is for Republicans to use police as "pawns" when they need to, but don't care about them otherwise. (This is largely how Republicans treat US servicemembers, also.)

And oh, Jim Jordan didst begin hee-ing and haw-ing in anger, which with him always reminds us of a coach trying and failing to teach an academic class, which is probably a pretty apt comparison, considering his history.

Demings — again, an actual former cop — did not give a flying fuck.

"I have the floor, Mr. Jordan," Demings exclaimed, banging her open palm on the table. "Did I strike a nerve?"

Yeah she struck a nerve. And she did not just exclaim that. She YELLED it at that greasy-ass ill-groomed loser. And she pointed at his stupid face and she said "to utilize [law enforcement officers] as political pawns PISSES ME OFF."

All of this made the washed up Little League coach who was just pretty sure one day he'd make it to the majors but didn't because he wasn't good enough VERY UPSET AGAIN! Jordan little-manned at Demings some more, making protests about nobody knows his motives, he knows his motives, and he will not have this Democrat impugning his motives, blah blah blah, nobody gives a shit what he actually said.

Here is more of the content of what Demings was saying.

"You know, it's interesting to see my colleagues on the other side of the aisle support the police when it is politically convenient to do so," Demings said. "Law enforcement officers risk their lives every day. They deserve better."

And here are more of Val Demings's words, about January 6, and the utterly disgusting hypocrisy of Republicans who cared more about helping their Dear Leader usher in a new era of white supremacist fascism than they cared about the cops they supposedly care about now because it's politically convenient.

"My colleagues on the other side of the aisle were silent," she continued. "As one person after another person took the microphone and said, 'Go down there and engage in combat,' 'fight like hell.' They used the bicycle racks as deadly missiles against the law enforcement officers that you all say you care about so much."

She later said, "Don't support them when it's politically convenient for you to do so. Support them when they're under attack, by people fighting them and spraying them and knocking them to the ground and beating them with poles, carrying the American flags and pipes."

You'll want to watch the whole video, though. One does not simply read about people telling Jim Jordan to go fuck rakes. One watches that.

[Washington Post]

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