Vampires, Death, And The Chance to Play Pinball


Tonight through Sunday, November 1: Remember that time when New Orleans was an actual thriving city?  Well, in an apparent FU to the world for doing nothing to save the city, the Classical Theater of Harlem has shifted the setting of classic play Waiting for Godot to New Orleans' Ninth Ward. Inactivity has never been so captivating, timely and depressing. [Publick Playhouse]

  • Tonight through Sunday, November 22: See the play Angels in America, because what could be more entertaining than a tale about gays, morality, AIDS, hate, and Jews. [Forum Theater]
  • Friday, October 30: There was a time when vampires were actually terrifying creatures and not pathetic teen pop idols. Catch Nosferatu, a classic, scary as shit vampire film from the '20s that will certainly put you in the mood for Halloween. [AFI]
  • Friday, October 30: If you're curious just how many different ways the human body can contort, see Latitude by the City Dance Ensemble tonight at the Kennedy Center. Tickets are $20- $55. [Kennedy Center]
  • Saturday, October 31: Sitting through a lecture on Saturday is worth it when you get to play with historic pinball machines afterwards! No quarters necessary. [Pinball: The Art of Interactive Entertainment]

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