Vanilla Ice Just Has Too Much Integrity To Endorse Gun-Toting Missouri Republican

Vanilla Ice dancing in white blouse with black vest

Sat through almost the entire video for just this pose

Ice Ice Baby screencap

Vanilla Ice would like you to take heed, because he's a lyrical poet. He would also like you to know that he does not endorse the jerk who famously, along with his wife, pulled an assault rifle out on Black Lives Matter protesters who dared to peacefully walk past his St. Louis mansion back in 2020 as a candidate for US Senate.

On Thursday, the campaign for Republican US Senate candidate Mark McCloskey put out an advertisement encouraging people to “join team McCloskey!” at an upcoming event, "featuring Vanilla Ice and the Ying Yang Twins," with a picture of Ice prominently displayed next to a picture of McCloskey. To the casual viewer, it would seem as though Vanilla Ice and the Ying Yang Twins were in fact playing a Mark McCloskey rally — but in fact they were just playing the "Ozark Empire Fair."

Not only that, but Vanilla Ice is not even going to be there on the day of McCloskey's thing. His performance is scheduled for two days after that.

“Vanilla Ice is not taking sides on political issues and is working to support his family,” his managers said in a statement to the Kansas City Star. “Please make this known.”

Yes. This man. This man right here below, the man explaining that he didn't rip off Queen and David Bowie by trying to claim the "dings" were different, has too much integrity to stump for Mark McCloskey or let anyone think for a moment that he would.

McCloskey, who is also hoping to make an entire lifelong career out of a thing he did one time, denies having tried to get people to come to his party by lying and saying that Vanilla Ice and the Ying Yang Twins were going to be performing, telling the Kansas City Star, “(We’re) merely saying that we’re going to be there at a time when they’re going to be there. No relationship whatsoever.”

As mentioned, they were not, in fact, going to be there at the same time. So McCloskey is both a gun-toting lunatic and a lying liar who lies his face off and just wanted people to think that he and Vanilla Ice were friends because he thought that would make him look hip and with it. There has not yet been any word from the Ying Yang Twins, but given McCloskey's tendency to pull large firearms out when in the presence of Black people, we can probably assume they don't want to be anywhere near him either. For safety reasons.

Word to your mother.

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