Vanity Plates of the Rich and Famous (For D.C., That Is)

After we shared with you a recent sighting of Sandra Day O'Connor at the gas pump, several of you wrote in to tell us more about the wheels of Justice O'Connor -- and her vanity license plate! Here are some representative messages:

It's true -- I saw the same Justice pumping her own gas at a gas station near American University. I thought I was seeing things until I saw the license plate: "USSC 102." Sandra's the 102nd person to serve on the US Supreme Court.

Gosh, why is Justice O'Connor constantly being spotted around town, pumping her own gas? Where are her law clerks?

I too have seen O'Connor in her silver buick. You can spot her by her federal license plate: USSC 102. My sighting was one morning on her way in cutting from Connecticut over to 17th at the Mayflower. She was stopped at a red light waiting to make the right onto 17th. She's very small-looking, and you would fear her like a Floridian driver if you didn't know who she was.

Driving in D.C. traffic alongside Justice O'Connor -- now that's an undue burden!

rowe license plate.jpgWe'd like to conclude this post with another request for our readership: Do you know of other prominent Washingtonians with vanity license plates? If so, please let us know, by email. Photos are especially appreciated -- but please, do not violate any federal or state laws in taking them. We will not be held responsible if you wind up in a Lohangate with Elaine Chao!


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