Veep Recap: You Never Know When You'll Need A Secret Spare Phone


Hey there, Wonketariat! We're here to recap season three of HBO’s “Veep” because the Editrix can’t do everything around here. Her loss is our gain! Let’s pop a recap in yo ass, shall we?

When last we met Selina and the gang, the times they were a-changin’. HBO helpfully reminds us of this in a “Previously” segment, right after the remodeled theme song, which is the old theme song but in a slightly more triumphant key. The mysterious POTUS has decided to pull an LBJ and not run for another term in office, even though he is able to do so under the 22nd Amendment. While “Veep” seeks to keep its characters free of party affiliation, this little tell means that POTUS is totally a Democrat, because only Democrats step down after scandals (well, there was that one Republican).

Season Three opens with Selina at a book-signing event in Iowa. The book, Some New Beginnings: Our Next American Journey, is Selina’s most public signal that she is running for President. That and the fact that she is in Iowa, where she asks Hapless Iowa Advance Man to identify caucus-goers among the great unwashed masses lining up for her autograph.



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