Vegas, Baby, Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, including the White House press corps. A Wonkette operative reports:

Communications went down in L.A. air traffic and it affected all Western airports-- because face it, whatever happens first in L.A. becomes a trend elsewhere. So, while the president got off okay the charter was stuck on the warm swing state asphalt. There was much waiting and finally late in the evening the whole sitting on their asses in a warm tube of stale air was thrown overboard and the press corps was booked at the Bellagio. Many gambled away their fancy salaries. There are rumors that Norah O'Donnell presided over a gala dinner at Le Cirque.

Oh and the hookers boy do they give cut rates if you say Fallujah and talk about NASCAR dads.

Dan Froomkin confirms the O'Donnell famous-for-DC soiree, which included "ABC's Jon D. Garcia, CBS's John Roberts, the New York Times's David E. Sanger, the Boston Globe's Anne E. Kornblut among others."

White House Briefing (second item) [WP]


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