Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Was An Alex Jones Fan. You Know What That Means (FALSE FLAG)

Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Was An Alex Jones Fan. You Know What That Means (FALSE FLAG)

Ho ho, they must be shitting their pants over at the InfoWars legal department right now. And by InfoWars legal department, we mean whatever the voices in Alex Jones’s head are telling him at any given moment. Why? Because suspected Las Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller was apparently a fan of Jones and his patriot movement, which InfoWars is quick to point out makes him the perfect agent provocateur the government can use to demonize the patriot movement! I think the universe might have just eaten itself.

In an ironic twist that rivals rain in your chardonnay or black flies on your wedding day, Miller once seems to have posted this lovely little screed entitled “The Police (To Kill Or Not To Kill?)” to the Prison Planet user forums. In it, Miller spins a tale of woe about how he was on probation for the crime of selling weed, which, like, shouldn’t even be a crime, man! And because of his probation, he and his fiance Amanda (now eternally branded as a poor man’s Juliette Lewis), can no longer keep guns in the house because being a convicted felon means you lose your 2nd Amendment rights. Which today sadly seems even more ironic.

Poor Jerad was particularly upset because at the time he wrote this screed, he was living in Indiana, which had just passed a terrible law that allowed citizens to shoot public servants who may be about to use “unlawful force” or act out some “unlawful entry” on the person’s house or car or double-wide. So if Jerad violated his probation by selling weed again, and the cops showed up with a warrant to arrest him, he wouldn’t be allowed to shoot them, like that is even fair!

The comments on Jerad’s post are pretty awesome too. Click to embiggen:

So basically, Jerad thought he should be allowed to sell weed because it’s a harmless drug and nobody’s business what he puts in his body. Which we agree with! Where we part company is when Jerad complains he should not lose his right to own a gun because he thinks the law he broke is unconstitutional and now he can’t defend himself by willy-nilly shooting any cop who might want to stop him from breaking that law again in the future.

We suppose this shooting spree yesterday could be viewed as the logical endpoint of a years-long temper tantrum brought on by Jerad having to follow a law even though he didn’t wanna, and because he steeped himself in a toxic stew of paranoid ranting about tyranny and armed resistance and unhinged nutbags like Alex Jones and his followers continuously screaming “Don’t take mah guns!” And now those same nutbags can’t own up to it, but are blaming the government by insinuating Miller was an agent provocateur designed to make them look bad.

The possibility that Jones might bear some responsibility for filling a guy’s head with this particular brand of paranoid derp calling for armed resistance to the government to the point where the guy goes out and acts on that derp does not seem to occur to Alex Jones.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the corner punching ourselves in the face.




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