Ventura Deprives Minnesota Voters Of Proper Circus

Ventura Deprives Minnesota Voters Of Proper Circus

Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, has given the collective electorate blue balls for a whole week. We've been anxiously awaiting his declaration of candidacy for Senate against incumbent Republican Norm "Boxcar Willie" Coleman and Democrat Al Franken, who used to be a comedian once. But then Jesse Ventura went on the Larry King last night and said he wouldn't be running after all, boo.

"If between now and five o’clock, maybe God comes and speaks to me like he did the president, and tells me I should run like he apparently told to president to invade Iraq … just understand God sent me to file,” he told Larry King.

He also suggested that Coleman would probably win this in a walk, because polls showed him, Jesse Ventura, taking away loads of votes from Al Franken when he wasn't even running. Al Franken is hosed, Jesse Ventura has failed us as a candidate and an entertainer, the end.

Ventura won’t run for Senate [The Hill]

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