Very Civil Militia Man Just Promising Murder Spree If We Don't Vote How He Wants Us To

Today is voting day, and while we are hoping for a blue wave that will allow us to ameliorate some of the damage Donald Trump is doing to our country, not everyone shares this sentiment! Some people will be very unhappy if that happens, including the members of a violent Georgia militia best known for their participation in the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally.

Chris Hill, the leader of the Georgia Security Force III% militia -- who alternately goes by "General Holy War" and "Blood Agent" (a reference to poisons like cyanide and arsenic that work by poisoning the blood) -- gave an interview to a Danish TV station in which he explained that if there is a blue wave, and that blue wave then goes and tries to impeach Donald Trump, then he and his well-armed militia will be ready to use force to prevent that from happening. With guns.

Via Denmark TV2 (with the extremely questionable assistance of Google Translate, because I don't speak Danish):

"They want to remove our weapons, and all we have to say is that they can just try," says the leader of Georgia III% Security Force for TV 2.

It may be that they have got their husband in the White House, who fight their case, but get the democrats more power after the election on Tuesday, there is especially one thing they worry about.

"We have the feeling that they will try to topple Trump," says Chris Hill.

And if the Democrats were to start a lawsuit against their president, they are not sure what the next step from the training in the forest will be.

"If the Democrats are trying to topple Donald Trump as President, then we are ready to support the President in every way. We are ready to pull our weapons and step in if senior politicians start on things we do not like. We will soon have enough, says Chris Hill.

The other members of the group interviewed by TV2 were clear in their belief that Democrats were going to destroy their freedoms and that they were prepared to respond to this with violent force.

The militia group is not particularly in favor of democrats.

"They move the United States further and further away from what the country was founded, namely freedom," he continues.

"I think the Democrats are far more dangerous than Islamist extremes," says Joel Miller to TV 2. [...]

Their weapons have now become their most important allies and the most precious in the struggle for Trump and against the government apparatus they do not think he is a part of.

"We are not just some idiots who rush around in the forest for fun with our weapons. This is not a fucking play for us. It's our constitution that we fight to protect. I'm training from here to be ready to fight for my rights one day, says John Myers.

And yesterday, as first pointed out by Jessica Moulite at The Root, the group posted a since-deleted update to their Facebook page yesterday threatening violence if Stacey Abrams -- whom they describe as a "flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist bitch" -- is elected governor of Georgia.

"Guns up!," they said.

Take a minute and imagine the exploding heads on Fox News were someone associated with the Left to go around talking about how they were going to pull weapons and step in if politicians didn't do what they like. If antifa groups were out training in the forest every weekend, with guns, talking about how they were ready to just start murdering people if things didn't go their way. If they were going around posting Facebook updates that read "Guns up!" at the end. I mean, my god, they are still in tears over the horror of the drive by elevator speeches during the Kavanaugh trial. They'd lose their fucking minds.

Now take a moment and imagine what they would do if there were a picture of a Democratic candidate posing with people who explicitly said they were going to murder politicians who didn't do what they wanted.

Now look at this picture of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp with those people. "Blood Agent" is the second one in from the bottom, I think. The woman in the MAGA hat goes by "Cpl. Harley Quinn."

The fact is though, it's hard to get to the SOMEONE INTERRUPTED TED CRUZ DURING HIS DINNER! panic level when we are as inured as we are to this kind of rhetoric. People on the Right, even those who aren't members of crazy ass militias, even some who are elected officials or candidates for office, have been saying these things for years, quite casually.

Blood Agent shared the same sentiment with Vice back in 2017:

"When a ruler becomes tyrannical, we the people have the right to abolish government and institute new government based on the ideals that make us free."

Who is out there telling them they're wrong? No one I can see.

There is a certain tolerance for this kind of rhetoric from people who call themselves "patriots," that is not extended to, say, Nancy Pelosi speaking figuratively about taking and throwing punches.

This tolerance even exists among some on the Left who are so eager to appear "reasonable" that they will do the "both sides" shuffle and try to compare sending people mail bombs with vandalism. Even the FBI now admits that they kind of blanked on considering rightwing terrorism to be a legitimate threat and now don't know what to do.

What this guy said needs to be taken seriously. These people are actually out there, hoarding guns and preparing to violently overthrow the government if they don't get their way. They are prepared to kill people and are not even minutely afraid to publicly admit it, and if they had any other political ideology on earth, or even if they were just a part of some religious cult, this would be something that was taken seriously.

[Denmark TV2]

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