Very Seriously, Christians Demand To Know Why Joe Biden Is Cancel Culturing God!

Very Seriously, Christians Demand To Know Why Joe Biden Is Cancel Culturing God!

One day, I will figure out how to turn off news notifications on my iPad. By which I mean, one day I will remember to make one of my kids turn off the news notifications on my iPad. But that day is not today, which is why I am still being bombarded by an unending stream of clickbait headlines that would make the Taboola crew blush from their sheer hackiness.

Are Democrats deliberately lowering your sperm count? Does Biden eat babies and kick puppies, or kick babies and eat puppies? Global Warming: Mild inconvenience or blessing from Jesus? And on and on forever until I manage to unlock the thing and ask the America's Test Kitchen ladies what's for dinner tonight. (Spoiler Alert: Always chicken.)

But sometimes Rupert Murdoch's social media minions manage to outdo themselves with something so ridiculous that I really must stop and investigate. To wit:

"Did Biden cancel God on the National Day of Prayer?" the Foxies wondered provocatively?

Which is confusing, because how would he even find the time to cancel God when he's always at church? The president is constantly stopping the motorcade to run into the Church of Saint Swithin in Coals to Newcastle, Delaware. Or nipping out to visit Our Lady of Everlasting Perpetuity in DC. On the plus side, if he's going to cancel culture God, at least Biden will be able to tell him about it in person. My understanding of Christian theology is quite limited, but I believe the Holy Spirit gets testy about being You're Fired in a tweet tapped out from the 12th hole at Mar-a-Lago.

After several minutes of Google goggling, I can report that the Right has its knickers in a twist today because the word "God" did not appear in the prepared text for President Biden's proclamation on the National Day of Prayer on Wednesday, so obviously God is CANCELED. What a slap in the face for people of faith everywhere!

"Joe Biden's National Day of Prayer Proclamation has been released and it doesn't even mention God once! How do you release a proclamation about prayer and not mention God at all?" howled the Christian Broadcasting Network's Chief Political Correspondent David Brody on Twitter. "Of course it mentions climate change & racial justice. Truly, this is pathetic...and not surprising!"

So gross that President Wokepants is blabbing about works and not just the very narrow faith that excuses a lifetime of sin! Spaketh Biden:

Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans. Prayer is also a daily practice for many, whether it is to ask for help or strength, or to give thanks over blessings bestowed.


Fox raced to inform its readers that "Trump's 2017 proclamation mentioned God five times, his 2018 proclamation mentioned God five times, his 2019 proclamation mentioned God seven times and his 2020 proclamation mentioned God 11 times." And if you add them all up, you get 28 times, which is the number of times Trump went to church during the four years of his presidency. Just kidding — it's like half that.

Franklin Graham, who likened Trump to Jesus betrayed by the Apostles when 10 Republicans voted to impeach him, was also quite upset at the omission.

"Why would President @JoeBiden omit God?" he tweeted. "Today marks the 70th annual #NationalDayOfPrayer & President Biden is the first @POTUS to omit the word 'God' in his proclamation. That speaks volumes doesn't it?"

As a heathen Jew myself, I'll leave the Christian theological analysis to Evan, who is not here today. But I will point out this, my personal favorite of this genre courtesy of American Greatness (whatever that is). See if you can spot the problem here.

Hint: They replicated it here with this headline.

Hey, look who else isn't talking about "God" either?

As a practicing Jew myself, I also do not write the word "God" out in my personal life. Because in Hebrew School, they taught us that you might step on a piece of paper with the Lord's name on it, which would be disrespectful. In fact, not saying Gd's name (that's how I would write it if we were friends, which we are!), is kind of a thing in Judaism. That's why we refer to Ha'Shem, which literally means "the name" instead of speaking the tetragrammaton. So the person screeching in rage about Biden refusing to name G-d is literally refusing to name G-d herself because we don't say G-d's name.


In summary and in conclusion, these people need to quit taking the Lord's name in vain and get a freaking life.

Oh, and PS, President Joe "Gd Love 'Em" Biden thanked heaven for the vaccine, which was developed "by the grace of God." So the story is actually bullshit, because of course it is.

Good Shabbos, and OPEN THREAD!

[Fox / American Greatness]

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