Vice President Kamala Harris On Cover Of 'Forbes,' So Of Course Fox News Idiots Yelling WHABOUT IVANKA?

Kamala Devi Harris is the vice president of the United States, the first woman to serve in that job, the first Black woman to serve in that job, the first Asian American woman or person to serve in that job. She's kinda cool. Wicked smart. Seems like an all-around great human being.

Ivana Marie "Ivanka" Trump was a nepotism hire in the White House, a not-very-good fashion "designer" who sometimes did weird "business" deals for her lazy father for resort hotels in developing countries that weren't particularly crying out for resort hotels. During her time in as a staffer in the White House, she did nothing of consequence besides occasionally leak to journalists about how she and Jare-Bear were totally behind the scenes trying to moderate some of Dear Father's worst impulses. She certainly did not savesmall businesses at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, in America or around the world. Also not any time after that. If she had, small businesses would have ended up, you know, saved.

Vice President Harris is on the cover of Forbes right now, and wrote an article about her "vision of inclusive entrepreneurship," which Forbes is calling "Kamalanomics."

Ivanka Trump is still ... just some asshole!

Two of Fox News's stupidest contributors, Kayleigh McEnany and Tomi Lahren, are sorely offended by Forbes's unwillingness to give equal cover time to ... just some asshole! It happened on the "Outnumbered" program:

McENANY:Forbes has discovered a new philosophy, called Kamalanomics, named after Kamala, and it's about propping up women small business owners. Interestingly though, we have someone who did just that. Ivanka Trump did just that, securing $1.5 billion in relief from the private sector for small businesses, $10 billion to CDFIs which are banks that help minority and low-income communities. But I don't remember the term Ivankanomics. Do you, Tomi?

Hahahaha, OK, Ivanka Trump saved the world, we should all admire her, ayup, muchly, you bet.

Tomi Lahren had thoughts. Oh, she had thoughts.

LAHREN: We expected her to do a lot more with this golden opportunity that she's been given. But I'm not gonna put her really in this position, because I know how she operates. I know what kind of woman that she is.

Oh really, Tomi Lahren? What kind of woman is she? What vile racist thing do you really want to say here?

The segment continued with Lahren bellyaching about how those in the media "treat Republican women." At one point she got mad like "WHERE ARE THE TOUGH QUESTIONS? SHE'S BEEN PUT IN CHARGE OF OUR BORDER AND ASJFKJADJFJACVKAJGJKSJDFIUQPUWJALKNV;KCISUUA!!!" It wasn't her most coherent work.

The point is that they are mad because Vice President Harris is on the cover of Forbes and Vanky is not, and nobody even talks about Ivankanomics, which doesn't exist unless somebody wants to use that term for business models that rely on sweatshop labor, in which case it's kinda catchy.

Oh yeah, the guy in the segment is named Charlie Hurt and he is just pretty sure Democrats don't like Kamala Harris because she didn't even win any of the primaries, and Charlie Hurt says he doesn't know what Kamala Harris stands for besides herself. A good way to find out what Harris stands for, of course, would be to listen to her every time she talks.

Hurt's commentary led to Harris Faulkner insinuating that Vice President Harris is just scheming to stay away from all real issues so she can sneak into the Oval Office without doing anything controversial, and Kayleigh McEnany agreed. "That's exactly what it is," she said. "I read a report about how she's trying to keep a low profile for that reason so she's not on the record on these issues, on the border. She can sneak on by and try to walk right into the Oval Office." We don't know where McEnany read that "report," but maybe it was a Klan newsletter/coloring book somebody left lying around the Fox News green room.

In conclusion, Wonkette would like to congratulate the cast members of "Outnumbered" for making it through this segment without calling Vice President Harris a conniving bitch or worse. It must have been difficult.

[h/t Raw Story]

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