Vice President Mike Bloomberg?

mike.jpgObama had an interesting overnight swing through Gotham, eating soul food with Al Sharpton and eggs with New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Last night Obama played The Apollo. Just down the street from Bill Clinton's office, he told the packed theater that "poll-testing and avoiding questions don't work... telling the American people what we think they want to hear instead of what they need to hear just won't do." While Al Sharpton was glued to his side for much of the visit, he has yet to endorse the candidate. He did, however, support his taste in food. "A man who likes fried chicken and corn bread can't be all that bad," Sharpton told press while the two chowed down at the famous soul food joint Sylvia's. Then, this morning, it was off to a greasy spoon diner for breakfast with Bloomberg. Video after the jump, complete with funny accents and fighting New Yorkers!

syl.jpgSo, like we were saying, Obama headed to midtown for breakfast at a diner with billionaire New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who apparently reversed his vow to stay out of presidential politics. Neither Obama's or Bloomberg's staff would discuss why the two met, but an Obama spokesman said the two men share similar views that Washington has been consumed by partisan politics. Eggs and coffee finished, the total came to $17.34, plus a $10 tip. Who picked the tab? Obama.

So, now we let the speculation begin: sizable donation or a running mate? But first let's go the tape!

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