Victory Party To-Nite, Obama Bringing Limo Full of Nurses/Hookers & Blow


The Wonkette news-room is On Assignment, with Jim Newell and Liz Glover on Capitol Hill just cold getting drunk and taking videos and photographs. We will post these once we have them. Meanwhile, the House is about to vote on the Slaughterhouse Five rule, which requires every fifth Republican representative to "have an abortion," on CSPAN.

David Gergen is getting all weepy on the CNN, remembering when he actually had a meaningful job in the Clinton administration instead of being some mush-mouth teevee commentator, and the actual vote in the House is now scheduled for what, 7PM?

Oh, and CSPAN is super-hilarious now as the Republicans march up to say the same lame sentence again and again, "I am opposed to this flawed health care bill," except for Shit-Nut Michele Bachmann, who changed "flawed" to "DANGEROUS" and then her head popped clear off, spraying candy and doubloons from her corpse. She was a pinata all the time!

We will see you in an hour or three.


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