Video: Mitt Romney Really, Really (Really) Does Not Care For You People

Video: Mitt Romney Really, Really (Really) Does Not Care For You People

It starts out fairly anodyne -- Ol' Miffed Romneytalking to his base. (Not "the" base of uncouth teatards, his base of Lehmann Bros. execs or the like.) But very soon, he becomes ... what is the word? Unhinged? Yes, unhinged. Because people think they are "entitled" to not starve in the streets of America. Really, listen to the snarl. It's ... it's fucking gross, actually. Has a candidate for American president ever spoken about his subjects the voters with such repulsion? (He goes on to say he will NEVER be able to make the 47 percent of us who are too poor to pay income taxes into anything other than shit-slime, but it's that first sneer that really digs into your brain like "Call Me Maybe" or something. Whether or not he ever bothered to pay his own, of course, is still anyone's guess.) Seeeeriously offputting video, after the jump!

Who else loves the American people as much as Miffed Romney?

  • Leona Helmsley.

  • Nikita Krushchev.

  • Dick Cheney.
  • Paris Hilton.
  • Gina Rinehart.
  • Eduardo Saverin.
  • Somali pirates.
  • [MotherJones]

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