Vietnam Memorial Addition to Put the "Fun" Back in "Fundamental Failure of the American Experiment"

full_metal_jacket_logo.jpgThe Vietnam Memorial, known for being the only war memorial in the country not inspired by Albert Speer, will be getting a much-needed facelift! Ground will be broken soon on a $999 billion (or something, we didn't read that closely) "visitor center" that'll bring some much-needed family entertainment to the dour ol' granite wall. Take at look at just a few of the kick-ass plans:

It may include a movie theater, a three-dimensional battle scene, mementos left at the memorial, and a wall where pictures of slain soldiers will be projected on their birthdays, creating a dynamic tribute that changes daily.

A movie theater! Sweet! Born on the Fourth of July every weekday at 5 and 9, and midnight showings of Full Metal Jacket!

And a 3D "battle scene" -- that'll be a blast! With a papier-mâché jungle and camouflaged park rangers sniping tourists! For a quarter, you can put on "Ride of the Valkyries" and napalm a miniature village -- animatronic Robert McNamera will show you how!

Yes, if there's one criticism to be made about the memorial -- currently the most visited on the mall -- as it currently exists, it's that visitors just don't know how to visit it correctly.

Vietnam Wall Visitor Center Approved [WP]


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