Vietnamese Guy Who Kicked McCain's Ass For Five Years Endorses McCain

Tran Trong Duyet is a Vietnamese retiree and "amateur ballroom dancer." He's one of those foreign folks that the Western press describes with such words as "sprightly," like when, say, Barbara Walters interviews the Dalai Lama and calls him "cute" or "adorable." Ha ha, wacky old Asian men! You just want to fold them into a sparkly lunchbox and take them home as a present for your kitty cat. But in Duyet's case, he would proceed to beat the shit out of your cat, which is what he did to John McCain as head of the Hoa Lo prison -- the "Hanoi Hilton" -- during WALNUTS!' famous Captivity. Let's see what cute things he has to say!

"McCain is my friend," said 75-year-old Mr Duyet as he feeds the caged birds he now keeps in his garden in this coastal city.

"If I was American, I would vote for him."

See? If John McCain had been a *bird*, then Duyet would've politely fed him. What's not to understand about this?

'When John McCain was my captive' [BBC]


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