Village Voice: Now, If We Could Just Work in a Reference to Televising the Revolution. . .

not_like_i_wouldnt_do_him_myselfAnd we thought the Village Voice had stopped running hard-hitting investigative pieces:

    A cult figure among the under-35 set, [Gideon] Yago's nerdy-cute looks and braniac manner remind me of The O.C.'s Adam Brody. . . .[J]ust as Stewart (an MTV alum) smuggles pointed political analysis inside snarky jokes, Yago's geek chic could make civic duty look cool. . . He says his own taste runs more toward cultural critics like Baffler editor Thomas Frank, and claims that The Baffler's 1997 book Commodify Your Dissent "was a big reason I went to work at MTV in the first place."
Carson Daly, meanwhile, chalks up the success of Total Request Live to his immersion in back issues of The New Criterion.

Rage Inside the Machine [Village Voice]

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