Vince Gallo: Campaigning for Bush

ewww!That bitch Gawker got to this New York Observer item first, but we will re-iterate what wonderful news it is that Vincent Gallo is a Republican. Though it seems the GOP has been slow to embrace the smelly-but-still-inexplicably famous auteur: "I used to go to the Rush Limbaugh show with my best friend Johnny Ramone. . .and Rush never … acknowledged us." (You should have tried to sell him dope, silly!)

Finally, a movie star (or "star") for the Republicans (or, as we like to call them, "Tighty Whities") to be embarrassed about. He makes Howard Dean seem sane! Elsewhere in NYO's Transom, a Google search reveals that to date, no one on the web has penned the phrase, "Katha Pollitt is having a hard time letting go." Do your part, people!

G.O.P. Gallo [NYO via that bitch Gawker]

Vote Y-E-S for V-I-N! [Low Culture]


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