Violence Against Hillary Clinton: Is It *Ever* Not Funny, Donald Trump?

It is not real, so it is not really violence, unlike a styrofoam head with red liquid on it.

As the entire internet knows by now, on Sunday morning, while he was in a very sporty mood, Donald Trump tweeted a hilarious joke calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "Rocket Man," and retweeted a hilarious Gif image that imagined Trump hitting Hillary Clinton right in the back with a golf ball and knocking her down. As we know, it is "only a joke" and you are not allowed to get offended at a joke, because liberals are literally doing Jim Crow Racism to Trump voters at coffee shops these days. Also, you are not supposed to point out that the original tweeter, "Fuctupmind," is a guy who posts all sorts of racist and anti-Semitic stuff, because Donald Trump cannot be held responsible for everything his fans post, can he?

One of Donald Trump's greatest America Great-Making allies in the House, New York Rep. Chris Collins, shared some thoughts about Donald Trump and his whimsical sense of humor on the talking CNN box this morning, explaining that when Donald Trump posts seemingly unpresidential stuff on the Twitters, he is just telling his supporters what a fun fellow he is. For instance, there's that North Korea tweet:

Collins really had a hard time not chuckling about what a wag that Donald Trump is!

“The president does have a sense of humor,” he said. “‘Rocket man’ I thought was poking at Kim Jong-un frankly in a pretty funny way, to get under his skin. And let’s face it, whenever he’s tweeting he’s talking straight to his base, they enjoy it, and he’s delivering a message.”

It's always a great idea to try to "get under the skin" of a paranoid dictator who has a nuclear arsenal, because your base just LOVES when you do that! Haha -- Rocket man! That's pretty damn funny!

This is where we add that at least one good thing did come out of that tweet, according to SNL alum Rachel Dratch:

The whole thead is actually pretty darned funny, but sadly, funny misheard song lyrics aren't allowed to be president of the United States, no matter how much more qualified they might be than Donald Trump.

Collins went on to explain what a great thing it is that Donald Trump would be addressing the UN this week, because he isn't all worried about "diplomacy" or "protocol" or "being a complete asshole to other countries' leaders because they're not American so Fuck 'em":

“One thing about President Trump, he doesn’t stand on protocol at all,” Collins said. “He’s just a fun guy, he really is if anyone would get to know him. So I think, you know, the stuffy diplomats at the UN are going to be taken aback a bit, and that goes for the way he handles his Twitter account, which is him speaking directly like people do as they’re having a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.”

He might just goose Teresa May or Angela Merkel, just to help those gals loosen up a bit.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota tried to get Collins to comment on the funny golf ball knocking Hillary Clinton down retweet, but Collins didn't think he'd seen that one, maybe because he just kept looking at the "Rocket Man" one all day, because golly, that's a zinger. Camerota asked him to look at his monitor, which should have had the video on it, but darned if Collins was going to say anything about it, except that no, don't be silly it wasn't actually about violence against Hillary Clinton, no one would ever joke about violence against Hillary Clinton, would they? Heck no! "Well, we know it would not be that," Collins said, because the very idea is absurd.

And that was all Collins would say about that amusing video, which we should point out doesn't even show the golf ball hitting Clinton in the head, so that's not real violence. But Collins does think that most politicians should probably not retweet stuff 'cause it might get them in trouble:

I don’t retweet or forward anything from my account… because anything and everything can be taken out of context.

Darned if Collins didn't leave everybody wondering what the proper, inoffensive context is for a tweet from a guy calling himself "@Fuctupmind" who likes to tweet about "[getting] rid of the Hasidic Jews" who are the "worst people on the planet" and also thinks Michelle Obama is a big fat icky lady and Barack Obama needs to "go back home." He probably just meant Chicago! The proper context is that we have exactly the president too much of America wants. Also, this is your OPEN THREAD.

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