Violent Egyptian Military Junta Interrogates Hosni Mubarak

Violent Egyptian Military Junta Interrogates Hosni Mubarak
  • Hey, Hosni Mubarak is "back" -- from Comaland? -- and has been detained for questioning by the new and terrible Egyptian military regime (which loves murdering demonstrators and throwing helpless bloggers in jail). And now Mubarak will be forced to answer allegations of widespread corruption, abuse of authority and the killing of protesters during his reign. ("So, Mubarak, what's the best way to kill a protester?") Mubarak's sons have also been taken into custody, and are being held at Tora prison in Cairo -- which is where lots of former Mubarak cronies are currently imprisoned. Anyway! One violent, corrupt military junta prosecutes another. That Democratic Revolution worked out. Nothing to see here. [McClatchy]
  • The president of Tokyo Electric Power Company apologized for "inconveniencing" people affected by all the radiation that is (still) pouring out of his company's crippled nuclear plant. [CNN]

  • JP Morgan Chase announced first-quarter profits of $5.6 billion. "Brother, can you spare a dime?" [BBC]

  • A federal appeals court has upheld a law that allows Orlando to prohibit organizations from feeding the homeless in public parks, because poor people are weird-looking and ruin the view. [UPI]


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