Viral "1984" Videos: Oh, They Get Worse

So if you've been following the whole moronic Hillary-Obama-Apple 1984 Ad-YouTube brouhaha, and if you're judgmental pricks like we are, you've probably been thinking, "Jeez, I don't see what's so special about the damn ad. It's just an old Mac ad directed by Ridley Scott that someone with a little video editing experience dropped a new audio track into and embedded Hill's face in. Pish!"

But then you find out how bad it can get, after the jump.

You see, as a Wonkette operative pointed out to us, there are other versions of the same ad, and the production values are much, much worse. Like this one, crafted by the Clinton campaign's top ad strategists some jackass! Check out how much lamer the embedded video of Barry is! It's in color! It doesn't look like the big screen in the original ad! The audio and video tracks suddenly stop syncing up at the end! There's text added at the end of the ad in the world's ugliest font!

One the great addictive things about YouTube, of course, is that you get to see lists of videos related to the one you're watching. That's what drew our attention to this classic, which is pimping some crazy dude in Ohio who thinks he's actually running for president. It's actually just the original Apple ad, except with some lame text superimposed over it ... and not even enough lame text to avoid repeating it. Then, there's the most abrupt cut in history to some complete other image/soundtrack combo. It will blow your mind.

Normally we're all in favor of Internet freedom and all that crap, but we seriously hope Steve Jobs sues all these people into bankruptcy.


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