Virgil Goode Will Save Us From Mexico

Goodbye, highly paid US unionized dock workers! - Wonkette

We last noticed Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode when he bravely tried to deport all the American Muslims to prevent them from becoming congressmen and swearing an oath to Allah on Thomas Jefferson's Koran. While Keith Ellison (D-Terrorist) is still plotting against us, Goode has decided to do battle on the second front for a while -- he's now fighting the creation of a Mexican-Canadian superstate that will also include what used to be the USA.

Laugh now, but when your kids are playing hockey in big sombreros you will not be laughing that much! Or maybe you will, because kids playing hockey in big sombreros would probably be pretty funny and make a great YouTube clip -- or however you say "YouTube" in Spanish.

House resolution opposes North American Union [WND]

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