Virginia Congressman: I WROTE A HIT PLAY

luke-rushmore082.jpgWe know absolutely nothing about Representative Tom Davis (R-VA) except that his daughter has lousy taste in malt liquor. And a commenter claimed he's a Christian Scientist, so we hope he stays away from spinach. And gay people, as he got a bit touchy during a Log Cabin Republicans fundraiser:

About 1/2 hour later, Tom Davis and Jean-Marie show up, Tom Refuses to shake my hand (though Jean-Marie smiled and said hello), then Tom just freaks out and yells "I RAISED $50,000 DOLLARS TODAY AND WAS ON THREE CHANNELS."

Best defensive non-sequitur ever. Attention fans of political self-destruction: you have your next target. Please begin the public hectoring.

Tom Davis Freaks Out! [Hurst 2006 Blog]


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