Virginia Contemplates New Dollar, Porkbelly Futures Skyrocket


  • The Virginia state legislature is preparing to switch from the U.S. dollar to some sort of nu-currency—salted hams, probably. [WND]
  • Welfare queen Jimmy Carter is living large off of YOUR tax money! Be angry! [Washington Times]
  • Marriage-rape advocate and anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly says Americans must rise up against the activist judges who would allow gays the right to marriage-rape. [Eagle Forum]
  • North Dakota is proposing a bill which would require all divorcing couples to wait one-year and go through counseling. Enjoy living with your emotionally-abusive husbands, ladies! [WDAY]
  • If you feed your child aspartame, they will die of brain cancer at age 8 due to a magic, deadly bacteria. This is how science works! [Go Beyond Organic]

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