Virginia Cop Fired After SOMEBODY Posted Very Murdery Things Using His Parler Profile

Virginia Cop Fired After SOMEBODY Posted Very Murdery Things Using His Parler Profile

Aaron Hoffman, a sheriff's deputy in Prince William County, Virginia, has been fired from his job following the discovery of a series of extremely disturbing posts on his Parler profile regarding his desire to overthrow the government and kill a whole lot of people.

The link between Hoffman and his Parler alter ego, WeThePeopleWarrior, was detailed on Twitter by activist Molly Conger on Christmas, leading to Hoffman's almost immediate dismissal. This was probably in the best interest of everyone involved, given that the WeThePeopleWarrior profile had been going on quite a bit about how he is done with protesting and just wants everyone to get it together to overthrow their state governments now.

The profile also threatened to kill many people, including nurses, the "mentally ill" (translation: people who expect him to wear a mask, because of course), Chief Justice John Roberts and President Obama. The poster said he wanted to kill nurses who give people vaccines, Roberts because he thinks he's in league with George Soros, and Obama just because.

The Obama comment, by the way, was made in response to a guy claiming to be Obama's cousin, who was boasting about totally dissing him by not inviting him to Christmas or Thanksgiving ever. Pretty sure that's not true. I looked the guy up — it seems highly unlikely that he is Obama's cousin and even if he were, I don't think Obama would too hurt by not getting to hang out with him on the holidays.

Activists first noticed Hoffman's page in connection with comments on Parler posts by Proud Boy Jeremy Bertino, AKA "Noblebeard" (yes, that would be the same one who was whinging last week about how Proud Boys was for BOYS ONLY), which said he was a cop who would disobey orders in order to stand with the Proud Boys, should they overthrow the government.

Hoffman was identified as the user behind the account after a search for his custom avatar was linked to his country-music-singing alter-ego, Grant Tucker.

This was then connected to "Grant Tucker's" Facebook profile, which featured pictures of the country music singer known as Grant Tucker, along with that same person in a Prince William County Sheriff's department uniform with a name tag reading "Hoffman."

Hoffman, for his part, claims he was hacked. He says he set up a profile on Parler as a verified user, meaning he had to send them a picture of his photo ID, but that the profile was "hacked" by someone who made all of those disturbing comments.

The deputy, Aaron Hoffman, said in an interview with The Washington Post that he did not post those comments, saying the account he had recently opened on Parler, a social media website that has become a favorite among conservatives, was hacked.

"I did not make those posts," Hoffman said. "I'm trying to figure out who did." [...]

He disavowed the hateful messages attributed to him and said he plans to consult with attorneys about his firing and the social media account.

"I do understand the community's concern," Hoffman said. "I've been a public servant for over 15 years, and I take that very seriously. I am in no way a threat to the public. This disturbs me as well."

Let's consider for a moment what it would take for this to even occur. Someone had a grudge against Aaron Hoffman, a random sheriff's Deputy in Prince William County, and also knew him well enough to know of his secret Parler profile that he had just opened on November 9. This hacking would have had to occur less than two weeks ago, because it was two weeks ago that Hoffman commissioned the avatar he uses in his profile under the name Grant Tucker, his country musician alter ego. That person subsequently used the profile to post and respond to other posts in a manner wholly consistent with other users on the site (particularly ones with names like WeThePeopleWarrior) and also somehow had access to pictures of Hoffman's arsenal and sheriff's vest, but also never dropped any direct hints about being Aaron Hoffman. But apparently this evil person knew it was only a matter of time before someone would connect the dots from the avatar to Grant Tucker to a picture of "Grant Tucker" in his uniform on his Facebook page, read the name on the badge, and identify the wearer as Aaron Hoffman, at which point Hoffman would be forced to quit his job with the Prince William County Sheriff's department.

That could definitely have happened.

The scary thing here is that it's pretty safe to say Hoffman probably isn't too much of an anomaly, if we are all shocked to learn he was not hacked and the posts were genuinely from him. There have been many reports (and videos!) of cops being super friendly with the Proud Boys and other extremist groups. This is also far from the first time cops have been fired after getting caught fantasizing about killing people. The FBI was aware of plans by white supremacists and militia to infiltrate law enforcement ten years ago.

Aaron Hoffman was a cop for 15 years. It's difficult to believe he spent 15 years surrounded by people whose job it is to solve crimes, but who were somehow never tipped off to the fact that he was a violent extremist who wanted to overthrow the government and kill lots of people. (You know, ALLEGEDLY.) Someone likely knew about it, and kept it to themselves. And that's just as much of a problem as it appears Hoffman is.

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