Virginia Is For Hillbillies

George Allen may be a rich California Jew, but that doesn't mean he can't show the "real Virginia" to the world.

According to a sad article in today's Washington Post -- which is almost exclusively staffed by Northern Virginians -- Allen's bold campaign to restore the Confederacy has been rotten for Virginia's image. (Jim Webb's campaign wizard only wants to restore Confederate "culture," which is about what you'd expect from mealy-mouthed liberals.)

Instead of being known as the suburban home of all the white people who work in D.C., or for its traffic and strip malls and hideous McMansions, these days Virginia is primarily seen as a dilapidated mobile home up in the holler patrolled by the KKK. Good work, Macaca!

Senate Race Already Has One Loser: Va.'s Image [Washington Post]

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