Virginia Is For Nazi-Lovers: Kaine Victory Spins

Dems feel especially good about sticking it to Kilgore consultant Scott "Kaine Would Let Hitler Live" ads. [DKos]

Will they finally get religion? Kaine's victory shows that a "religious Democrat can neutralize the recent Republican advantage on cultural issues and character." [Washington Monthly]

It's not Bush's fault, it's Kilgore's: "The bottom line is that Kilgore ran one of the worst campaigns I've seen since, well, Kerry's." [NRO's The Corner]

NASCAR dads are so 2004: "The story behind Kaine's victory in '05 may be found in subdivision, not the holler." [Hotline on Call]

"We're trying to show here that God isn't a Republican." [Richmond Times-Dispatch]

Official GOP Talking Point: Eh, we didn't think he'd win anyway. []

Official DNC Talking Point: Americans are tired of hate. Except when it comes to hating George Bush. [PR Newswire]


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