Virginia Is For Pornographers

Virginia is also the home of the rock organ.Attention child pornography fans! Are you planning your next vacation? You'll be in good company in Virginia, where over 20,000 computers contain your preferred reading materials!

According to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, nearly 20,000 Virginian computers are brimming with pedophiliac smut. The little town of Herndon, population 23,000, features over 1000 filth-infested computers.

Assuming roughly 1 computer per person, there's about a 4 percent chance your average Herdon resident is a demented criminal pervert. Fortunately, we'll soon have Hillary Clinton watching over all the nation's children and outsourcing child porn to our NAFTA treaty partners.

Child porn found on 20,000 computers in Virginia [Fairfax Times]


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